The audience is the most import factor to consider when thinking about marketing a Film/Short film. The reason why Audience is so important is because that is who your film is for. Audience is obviously a very big category and however i’m just going to be talking about the target audience in this post. When planing for our short film we thought a lot about are actual target audience. We decided that due to the fact that our short film contains no explicit content that it should be target at people of any age. However we thought a little bit more about this and we decided that due to the fact out story line is a little complicated that we should make our audience 12 and above; we thought this was an ideal age as they would be able to understand our plot.

Dart on Target and  People

Lost & Found is a film about a homeless man who is given a £6000 wedding ring by mistake, he then goes on a journey to find the woman an return the ring. We want our film to make the audience think. What would you do if you were put in the same situation. We needed to make sure that our target audience was old enough to understand the questions we we’re asking within the film and also to understand any messages being put across.