Bombay Sapphire

The Bombay Sapphire competition was a way for short film makers to showcase their creativity in a shot film a short film. The aim of this competition was to create a short film following a script which was provided by the people who created the competition. One of the things which I liked about this is that it proved that there were so many ways to be creative even when you have some sort of restrictions.

The winner of the competition was room 8. This short film was the best short film I’ve probably ever seen. it showed how much you can do with such a basic stimulus. The video was far better then any of the others and 100% deserved to win. Out of all of the videos shown this was the most creative, had the best effects and overall was just well planed and looked extremely professional.

The script they were given was quite short not really containing any obvious narrative which is why what they come up was really quite creative. When watching the other entries you could see that none of them were really similar. This again communicates how there are so many ways in which you can be creative.

All the short films we saw were really interesting and the majority of them contained some sort of plot twist at the end. This I took note of and when planning for our own short film we come up with our own twist of our original idea.