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I made this video showing you a little glimpse of some of the forms of technology that I had used when it came to creating our final product. Firstly I used imovie to create the video, however when it came to both prelim and final task we had used Final cut pro, unfortunately i did not include any footage of final cut pro in my video. I’m going to take it back a little bit now before I start talking about technology used in the editing stage.

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The first piece of technology which we used was the camera. These were provided by the school and they came with a tripod. Although the school cameras have a decent quality we decided to use Omar’s camera and it had really good quality and some really cool features like depth of field and a ton of others. As well a visual quality being better on Omar’s camera the audio quality was a lot better, however this did not really make much of a difference to us because when it came to the editing stage we cut out a lot of the sound from most of the scenes. We also filmed behind the scenes footage which I have already posted, this also was done with a camera similar to Omar’s, “But how/where did you upload all of this extra footage Aaron?” well thats is a very good question mr/mrs/miss/ms and I’ll tell you now.

download (5) Yesss….. YouTube. we used youtube quite a lot at the beginning of the task. Even the short trailer that i made was uploaded on here using youtube. Going back to the beginning of the task we had made our own private youtube account which we all had access to. It was like our sand box where we would post all our little extras, bloopers and even little tutorials where we were showing you how we had made some of our props.

Now we can start to talk about the editing stage. The first thing I’m going to talk about is sound and soundtrack. When it came to sound there was a few things that I took time exploring and looking into. The first thing was a website which had a load of  royalty free music which was free to download. However with this we didn’t really use this for our final product. “So Aaron how did you get the music for your final piece?”, again another great question and I’ll tell you now just like before.


So basically…..I used garage band to design a soundtrack for Sti6ma. I did this from scratch using a keyboard. I really had a lot of fun doing this even though it was a little difficult. I have also made an individual post on my adventure using garage band so I’m not really going to bore you with any more information about it. Oh you have a another question….go for it, “Thanks Aaron umm I was just wondering how did you get the music which you made on garage band on to your film?” Well thats another great question. And the answer to that is iTunes. All i really had to do was save the music which I made on garage band on to iTunes as a ringtone and Bobs your Uncle we were able to put it onto our thriller opening.

“Well Aaron that all makes sense and you’ve told me quite a lot about what different technologies you have used, but you haven’t really told me much about what you have used to edit your film.”

Seen as you have been so patient i think it’s time I tell you now. So here we go.


Final Cut Pro…This is what we used when it came to the final edit stage. Here we added all sound effects, all transitions and all effects. There are many different programmes which you can use when it comes to the editing stage. Final Cut is the best that I have used so far but iMovie doesn’t come far off.


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