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When making our thriller opening we had to consider demographics. This really included us looking at things like age, gender and social class.

Firstly our thriller had a BBFC rating of 15. this is because of the nature of the narrative but its mainly because that is the audience that we will market our product at. A reason why we think that 15 is an appropriate rating is that the cast of our thriller contained a 16 year old girl, also the story revolved around teenage girls being murdered. Also most films which have a similar narrative to Stigma are always marketed at young adults unless they are extremely gory. One of the main reasons for our choice in age rating is that our thriller film fits the criteria for the bbfc’s15 age rating. Our film will include explicit language, some violent scenes and brief scenes of sexual violence or verbal references to sexual violence.

Another group that our thriller looked at resides in gender. All of the characters featured within stigma are all females, and the story revolves around all of these females being killed. It is common for a killer to target women in a lot of horror/thriller films. When looking at characters in films females are often portrayed as weak and vulnerable, a killer always preys on the weak and vulnerable.

one of the main reasons that people watch Thrillers and Horrors is that they like fear. It sounds weird but people like the fear which you get from scary films as they now that in real life they are actually safe. An audience love to watch people on screen suffering as it makes them feel superior.



Our target audience was teens so one of the ways we had tried to target our audience was to post pictures of all our preparation on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter. This is because the majority of users on these type of social network sites are around the 16-17 age mark. By promoting our Thriller on social media sites we will attract the specific crowd which we are after. In more recent years it is common for films to be advertised on social media sites. Youtube is a site where a lot of films are advertised no matter what genre they are.

To find out what our potential audience thought I went out and asked different types of people a set of questions.

The first person I asked was my Mum. I said “Mum, after watching the opening for stigma what do you think?”, my mums response was “yeah it looks really good”. After I asked my mum is it something she would go and watch in the cinema and she said “no not really, its more like something you young people would watch”. This was good as by young people my Mum meant people around the age of 16+ this meant us that Stigma had attracted the right type of audience. However just to be sure I had asked my friend (who is 17) the exact same questions and he said that our film looked really good and it’s the type of film he would take his mates along to see.


2 responses to “QUESTION 4 – AUDIENCE

  1. Pick out specific BBFC 15 criteria that relate to your film.
    What about the second part of the audience question about how you attracted that audience?


  2. Why didn’t you follow my advice. This will have cost you marks


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