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We decided to use my house for our location as I live opposite a forrest so it fits perfectly with typical locations of the thriller genre, this is also good as we can use the forrest for scenic shots. We will be using the kitchen, bathroom, living room, narrow hallway and also the exterior of the house. One of the main reasons that filming within a house appealed to us as a group is due to Hitchcock’s philosophy. Hitchcock brought the horror to the home to make his films involve the audience, the more involved the audience is the easier it is to shock/scare them. taking the horror to the home makes the audience more afraid as it makes them feel as if the events shown on screen can turn into a reality.

Our thriller is set in the 21st century therefor the characters costumes will be modern and trendy. The woman in our sequence is a business woman who has just come home from a busy day at work so she will be wearing formal clothing (shirt, blazer, skirt)

For filming we will be using our own camera and not one provided from our school however we will use a tripod for this provided by school.


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