This is one of my favourite opening sequences due to the smart use of music camera shots/angles. This opening is titled ‘life of a bullet’ and is an extremely effective opening. In the scene we see a bullet being made in a factory and it is going through different parts of the factory on a conveyer belt. The sots used are almost a POV shot from the bullets perspective, it is an extremely unique shot as we see everywhere it goes also when people pick it up. The film is about an arms dealer and the opening clearly depicts this. At the end of the scene we see the same bullet loaded in a gun and fired at a young boy then the clip cuts off. I like this as we as the audience know the boy has just been killed but we don’t actually see it.


The second clip is from one of my favourite Thriller films se7en. In the clip we get a brief look into the main protagonists daily life. The clip starts of quite normal in terms that is just shows him waking up and getting ready. In the first part of the scene there is a metronome which plays throughout adding a creepy feel to the scene. As the scene goes on we are introduced to some very scary and creepy music which accompanies a montage of the criminal in the film. Although we know he’s the criminal we cannot see his face we only see his hands which are using razor blades and putting pictures of people in a book. This opening was extremely effective as it sets the mood for the rest of the film.

American Psycho

The film American Psycho is a film about a serial killer. its a thriller/black comedy. What I love about this is how the opening looks like something out of a advert but when watching the film it clearly is not. The scene is effective as it conveys the Black comedy theme which we see throughout.